Your next step to a sustainable future.

Transition age foster youth face a real challenge—you’re often going into adulthood without the safety net of family or the guidance of mentors. That experience inspired Jon Cline to create FounderKids and help foster kids through this transition.

But more than finding a job, it’s about finding your place. 

Founders do more than clock in. By jumping from employee to employer, they build something greater than themselves. It’s a change in mindset, but it means being more invested and engaged.

Coaching and Mentoring Academy

Jon Cline is leveraging his 20 years of leading teams and career transitions related to technology. He is creating a small cohort and developing courses to help coach and mentor foster kids ready for their next step. More than simple software training, this academy focuses on valuable intangible skills you can’t get in the classroom. This is the mindset that enables progress and a sustainable life. 

Take your first step to becoming a #FounderKid.


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Share your foster story and why you want to be a founder. 

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